Monday, July 16, 2007

Ms. Buncio..where are you?

it has been a month since we last saw ms. buncio on our class...its not nice anymore..during the first week when she was absent, we were so happy that we had some picture-picture moments at the classroom...but since last week, she's still absent..and according to dj, she was it that fatal? haha to even use the word fatal to describe her situation is fatal itself..but you know...we want to have Rizal classes already!

what's worse is that, since she's gone for a month, i think our make up classes would be the worst! where would she get our grades..waah...i think she would require us to write about a thousand papers about Jose!!!!!she should return already..hope she gets well soon..

Friday, July 6, 2007

Reminiscing Web Design..

today, its a cut from business blockmates and i planned to attack sir yuv..because we want to surf the net desperately..we were currently deprived of that we thought of going to the e-business lab, but they said that sir buen is having his class we went to the 3rd flr, at the computer lab and look for sir yuv..but still he wasn't there...we asked the janitor about entering the room,but i think he rejected the idea..

so while waiting outside the computer lab, there was the ipis incident of tibi....and then we were able to go inside the computer lab...after a few minutes of laughter (still because of the ipis incident), there was a loud rumbling coming from the wall...and the wall was suddenly cracking...and we were screaming (most of us!)...and there stood sir yuv together with his 3rd year students!!!!

haha..anyway sir yuv is so kind to accomodate us in his class even though we're just there to bum..and to surf the net..i remember those days when we were still taking our webdesign class every friday..from 12 nn to 5pm...before, we used to despise the fact that we have a five-hour class...but at the end of the semester that was our favorite subject of all time!!!!!!!!!

because of that class, my blogger account was well as other accounts from explode, elggspaces, mybloglog, technorati....

so today, we are reminiscing the "feel" or the "ambience" of our 5-hour webdesign i wish we'll have another class where we could just surf the net while learning!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Louis Vuitton ads..

whenever i browse through fashion magazines like Vogue, InStyle, Preview and Mega, the whole package would never be complete without a Louis Vuitton ad. Most of the time, i noticed that LV ads are placed either in the first page (the moment you open the cover of the mag) or at least within the first 10 pages..

anyway, i simply adore LV ads. Everytime i see those ads, my mouth just waters with the handbags modeled! the words coming out of my mouth are ''WOW!", "Oh my God!", "Ang ganda!"...waah..can't help but drool on those bags! And daydream, when in the future would i be able to buy an LV bag!

what does it take to be a model or spokesperson for LV? How will the ads be?

Before (2003), Louis Vuitton or any other luxury brands do not use Hollywood celebrities to advertise their products, instead they use supermodels. For example at this ad, British supermodel Gemma Ward was chosen to be the one!
And then the celebrity trend of endorsers started with Scarlett Johannson, Christina Ricci and Jennifer Lopez. JLo's ad were viewed as very sensual, the ones with the male model Andres Segura.

then, there was Uma Thurman, and surprisingly a male celebrity for LV which is Pharell Williams (wearing a wig!)...what the..?

When supermodel Kate Moss had a cocaine scandal in 2005, LV helped in making her comeback at the fashion world, through an ad of course! Here she was, modeling the (then) latest collection of LV bags with leopard prints..

My favorite LV ads were from last year's, this time with Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, who is an ex-girlfriend of Leonardo Di Caprio by the way. Anyway i love this ad because of the rich colors of the ad. It simply signifies summer!

And last but not the least, the current LV ad featuring one of my favorite Hollywood actresses, Scarlett Johansson. It looks really girly because of the color pink, and kind of cherubic!

i noticed that LV ads always evoke sophistication, glamour, elegance and fashion itself. Anyway for more about LV, check out Tibi's blog.