Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Missing IBM...

It has been 3 months since my ojt at IBM Business Services..and now i am busy with JPICS, i can't help but think of the less stressful days at IBM..:) i miss everything! even my photocopying tasks i used to despise! haha

i miss the 1800 building...

i even miss the CyberOne building where my bosses would always ask me to give this document to a certain person...waah i remember the days walking from 1800 to cyberone! in heels...!

i miss the pantry where we used to have coffee every morning! or milo...or just to get some water... kinda like from the big brother house..hehe

our lunches at the pantry..

i miss the air hockey!

i miss calling all those applicants for an interview....

my messy desk!!!!

i miss rosel and her stressed look...haha:)) uy rosel..tingin ka naman dito..:)

i also miss our bosses!

and last but not the least..i miss my co-interns!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

My wishlist of BAGS..

3 days of classes were suspended..so what would i do?there is a typhoon outside stealing all the "yero" roof of other people's houses, landslides "sliding" here and there, there's flood which could substitute as a swimming pool for everyone..with grey waters and leptos pirosis (not sure about the spelling!)...i am glad there were no classes because it has somehow relieved me of the stress from org stuffs...but i thought of our B.A. week, and all the preparations..and its sad...

anyway..as i said...i had nothing to do..so i just surfed the internet..and what else am i surfing?! bags and shoes..and i found bags which were really eye-candies! but since they are so expensive..how the hell could i own them..?! may be in the future, but not now..but that hindrance would not stop me from admiring these works of art!:)

Miu Miu Patent Effect Tote from Net-a-porter---kinda like j-ann's red bag

LV Monogram denim neo cabby MM-(when could i ever own one?!)

Marc Jacobs Silver Carolyn tote

LV Neverfull MM! while we were eating at Teriyaki Boy last Wednesday, we saw a woman carrying an LV bag. i actually took a picture of her! haha. we (Rosel, Carol, Mabel and me) wondered if its authentic. i think its authentic! haha because i realized that its a Neverfull bag. OMG. i can't believe i would actually see one LIVE! haha

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kokology: the game of self-discovery

i bought this new book called Kokology: the game of self-discovery by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito..According to the book, Kokology is a series of psychological games designed to reveal your HIDDEN attitudes about sex, family, love, work and more. i read a review from a magazine (can't remember which one) that this is a very entertaining book..so when i went to national bookstore, i tried to find this book..and well..like i said..i bought it...

the author gave some tips on how to play Kokology.. i think the most important tip was that "Say the first thing that pops into your head..". and i realized that some of the interpretations were accurate, surprisingly! haha i enjoyed reading it so much..so much that i was able to finish reading it in one day!

i read it alone..and then i realized that it would be more fun if i read it with my friends..i tried to ask some of the questions to my friend, Lisa..and we were laughing the whole time..and she also told me that it was accurate..or maybe we never realized that, that was our feelings or approach on things! i highly recommend this book!

here's one of the games.."Adrift on the breeze"..another tip to the game is that, you imagine yourself in a certain situation and then, among the choices, choose one which you will do..

"Can you still remember those long summer days when school was out, you had no responsibilities, and there was nothing but time from when you woke up till the sun finally went down? time for play and adventure, time to daydream and roam. Hours spend on childhood diversions...flying kites...watching clouds..blowing bubbles..."

"Imagine you are out again on a childhood summer's day, blowing bubbles in an open field. Which of the following best describes the scene you imagined?

1. The bubbles you blow float away high into the sky.
2. You are blowing hundreds of tiny bubbles through your plastic ring.
3. You're concentrating on blowing a single enormous bubble.
4. The bubbles you make are carried behind you on the breeze.

i chose the first one..and it says that "the shimmering bubbles you blow in your imagination are symbols of your hopes and dreams. The scene you described reveals how you think about the dreams you hope someday will come true."

again, i chose the first one..it says that "You see your own dreams as elusive and unattainable, flying away from you like soap bubbles on the wind. Maybe you're wishing for too much, too soon or are caught up in an impossible fantasy. Whatever the case may be, the gap between your dreams and reality is wide. As much as you may like to tell others of your grand schemes and plans for the future, somewhere inside yourself is a voice telling you just how fragile and fleeting those dreams are."

with that interpretation..i could say that yeah..i have big dreams that i don't think will ever come true haha...i don't know if i am being realistic hehe..but that's it..enough about that..

you will be enjoying this book!:) you will be surprised at the hidden meanings of your answers..you may think that it will be like a psychological test..but no, this is a whole lot better! and more fun...:)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Huwaaat????Madame Auring in MC?

i don't know if it will actually happen..but its a possibility..that Madame Auring will be reading our fortunes on B.A. Week this coming August 13 to 17! hahahaha the B.A. Org officers are cramming because of the week left for the preparations! i only had one bazaar..can anyone help me? hehe we need 10 per org! waah..so much pressure...but still trying to cope up! aja!

then there was mikee, (our secretary) asking me if we could have a fortune teller on our bazaar..madame auring herself! OMG! haha that would be totally fun! Sikat ang B.A Week! hehe

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's Jimmy Choo Mahala bag

during our international trade class last july 28, rosel gushed to me "cess alam mo yung bag ni lindsay lohan na blue? ang ganda!" and i replied "ay oo!" haha..i guessed that it was a jimmy choo bag, but i am not sure..so i googled it..and after a couple of tries, (instead of listening to our prof), i found the bag! and yeah, i am right! haha it was a jimmy choo!:) thanks to purseblog..

these photos of lindsay were taken before her arrest..what is in lindsay's mind right now?denying that she was drunk..oh c'mon! but i don't really care..i used to like her because of the Parent trap, freaky friday and mean girls..but she took her role seriously and became a mean girl in real life! tsk tsk..she has everything...sayang siya!

anyway one factor that still draws me to lindsay lohan is her choice of handbags...since she's always followed by the paparazzi, you could see that she always have a new handbag..lucky her..but only on that aspect...haha

Friday, August 3, 2007

High Heel Racing

i never knew there was such a thing called High Heel Racing! i read this from Manolo's Shoe blog..i think that would be pretty cool and amusing..but reality sinks in that an average person cannot run on a pair of stilleto heels right? so with this racing comes an admiration of those women who could actually make that thing happen..which is to run on a pair of heels...

if you want to sprain your ankle, then join in this kind of race!!!

The prizes of Glamour magazine's stilleto race were 10, 000 Euros, 2,000 and 1000 euros..wow..enough for a shopping spree!

it started in Europe and i read that it is also done in Washington D.C..

Check out this clip from Berlin..where another high heel racing was conducted...